Course units and programme of study

The programme of study is the set of compulsory and elective course units that the student must take in order to graduate.
Submission of the programme of study ("Piano degli studi") for your year of enrolment is compulsory and is required, in particular, for registration for examinations and completion of the teaching evaluation questionnaires.
All current students must submit their programme of study online via the Esse3 system.
The programme of study may differ according to the academic year of enrolment ('cohort'); it may also provide for a choice between different study paths ('curriculum').
To see the list of course units you can include in your programme of study, select the academic year of enrolment and, if available, the curriculum.

Below you can search for courses in the programme of study. Select the academic year of your first enrolment.

List of courses

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How the programme of study works

The specific activities in the programme of study must be chosen between October 16, 2023, and February 2, 2024 ("apertura del piano degli studi", programme of study opening window). A second window is between March 4 and April 5, 2024 ("riapertura del piano degli studi", programme of study reopening window). [See also the Student Option]

The list of course units in the programme of study represents all the training activities that can be envisaged for each year of study. The programme of study depends on the year of first enrolment (it might be different for students enrolled in different academic years).

Free-choice and restricted-choice course units are optional course units that students may include in their programme of study according to the selection criteria specified on this page; the remaining course units are compulsory for all students.

The programme of study must be submitted online by the student for each year of the course using the Esse3 system.

Students enrolled in 2023-24

The course lasts for 2 years and corresponds to 120 ECTS credits on completion.Students can decide to enrol full time or part-time.

The full-time programme of study is in the table below. The part-time programme of study can be downloaded as attachment.

First year

# Course unit (taught in 2023-24) Academic discipline ECTS Credits Semester
1 International Accounting and Governance SECS-P/07 10 1
2 Growth and History of the Global Economy   9 1
  Economic Growth and Innovation SECS-P/06 5 1
  History of Globalization SECS-P/12 4 1
3A Micro & Macro Economics SECS-P/02 9 1
3B Sociology & Economics of Globalisation SECS-P/01 9 2
4 Cooperation and Competition Among Firms SECS-P/06 9 2
5 International Branding & Retailing SECS-P/08 10 2
6 Economic Statistics SECS-S/03 9 2
7 Communication Skills   3  

Second year

# Course unit (taught in 2024-25) Academic discipline ECTS Credits Semester
8 International Financial Management SECS-P/11 9 1
9 Law, Economics, and Culture IUS/05 8 1
10 Development Economics and International Cooperation SECS-P/01 9 1
11 Environmental Economics and Policy SECS-P/02 6 2 
12 Contemporary Issues and Tools in Economics SECS-P/06 7 2
13 Student Option   8-12  
  Final Dissertation*   14  
  ECTS Credits - Total   120  

* The final examination consists of a written dissertation, theoretical or empirical, focussing on a topic related to the degree course.

Student option

Students must take between 8 and 12 ECTS credits on the "Student Option" module. The specific activities in the programme of study must be chosen between October 16, 2023 and February 2, 2024 ("apertura del piano degli studi", programme of study opening window). A second window is between March 4 and April 5, 2024 ("riapertura del piano degli studi", programme of study reopening window). The exact dates will be communicated soon.

Course units taught in 2023-24 | Student option - Exams

The following course units are strongly recommended to fulfil the "Student Option" credits:

Alternatively, students interested in specific topics can also take the following course units (to be complemented with another activity to reach at least 8 ECTS credits):

Student Option - Internship (“Internships”)

  • Students enrolled between 2018 and 2023: if the optional exam chosen awards less than 8 ECTS  credits, an internship for a different number of ECTS credits (4 or 8) is possible in addition to the exam, to grant the 8 ECTS credits minimum (12 maximum) required for the "Student Option". Alternatively, an internship for 8 ECTS credits is possible as a "Student Option" in place of the optional exam.
  • Students enrolled in 2017-18: an internship for 6 ECTS credits is possible (not compulsory) in addition to the optional exam.
  • Students enrolled before: the internship is an alternative to the optional exam. If the optional exam has already been taken, the internship is additional to (“redundant”) the optional exam.

For any additional information on the internships:

Seminar series 2023-24 (4 ECTS credits)

A series of seminars corresponding to 4 ECTS credits is being organised for the second semester (spring 2024), eligible for “Student Option”. Since the seminars concern specific topics related to practical skills, they are strongly recommended also to students who have already taken the “Student Option” credits

Seminars usually start in February, but a few meetings might be held during the first semester (October - December 2023). The dates will be communicated on this page and on the IBD home page (see "Notices from the course").