Average calculation

The student's dissertation, once approved by the teaching staff member supervising the thesis project, is presented in oral form to a Degree Commission. The Degree Commission has the task of assessing the level of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding to the specific problem covered by the work, the ability to communicate in written and oral form, and finally the degree of autonomy of judgement on the issues covered by the thesis.
The preliminary Commission's opinion is then forwarded to the proclamation commission, which assesses the student's career and calculates the final grade according to the criteria set out below.
The Degree Commission, taking into account the indications expressed by the Instructional Commission, may award up to a maximum of 7.5 points distributed as follows:

  • up to 6 points for the thesis;

on the basis of the certification provided by the Student registry office, the Degree Commission will automatically calculate the number of commendations: 

  • 1 honour: 0 points;
  • 2 honours: 0.5 points;
  • 3 - 4 honours: 1 point;
  • 5 honours and above: 1.5 points.

The award of honours as part of the final assessment may be made for students with a meritorious study record who have done particularly good thesis work. For this reason, the awarding of honours must be expressly requested by the Supervisor in the Instructional Commission and confirmed by the Degree Commission.
The Degree Commission may decide on its own to award honours in the event that the sum of the average, career, thesis and number of distinctions exceeds the mark of 110/110.