Teaching quality

Quality Assurance is an indispensable process that involves all those who work in the University, in which each individual's progress benefits the entire University and stimulates a fruitful confrontation to which it is necessary to aspire in order to make the social role played by the University effective and concrete.
QUALITY ASSURANCE means: defining quality policies in harmony and synergy with the University's strategic guidelines and reliable and robust procedures through which the governing bodies can implement them; implementing activities to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of all the University's internal processes, first and foremost in the service of the quality of education and research; creating awareness in all those who work in the University so that everyone's tasks are carried out competently and promptly, the services provided are effective, and a record is kept of what has been done to monitor and measure results.
For more information on Quality Assurance, please visit this page: https://www.unipr.it/AQ

Student Opinion Survey Questionnaire (OPIS)

The student opinion survey questionnaire (OPIS) is a tool designed to detect student opinion with a view to improving teaching, quality and the organisation of degree courses and is an integral part of the evaluation system. For students, it is an important opportunity to make their voice heard and actively participate in the life of their degree course, as a guarantee of better Quality Assurance: this is why the University recommends that it be filled in punctually and accurately.
More information on the OPIS questionnaires can be found on the following page:  https://www.unipr.it/didattica/i-corsi-di-studio/compilazione-del-questionario-di-valutazione-della-didattica-line

The Review Group

The Course Council appoints a Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) and a Review Group (RG), whose activities are divided as follows:
- annually they draws up the Annual Monitoring Form for the following academic year;
- annually they draws up the Single Annual Report Card (SUA-CdS) for the following academic year;
-  periodically they verify the implementation of the improvement measures proposed in the Cyclical Review Report and assesse the overall progress of students' careers, on the basis of the data provided by ANVUR.
The objectives and improvement actions proposed by the Review Group are organised along the following three main dimensions: (1) entry into the degree course, (2) study experience in the degree course, (3) accompaniment to the world of work after leaving the degree course.
The Department of Economics and Management in cooperation with the Departmental Quality Assurance office has drawn up a document describing the general outlines of the management system for Quality Assurance (QA) of Degree Courses (CDS) and the corresponding Operational Plan. This document is accessible on the following webpage: https://sea.unipr.it/it/didattica/qualita-della-didattica.

Organisation and responsibility for Course QA

Within each Department, the University Quality Assurance Committee - PQD is established, an operational and liaison body between the Department and the University Quality Assurance Committee.
prof. Andrea Lasagni (coordinator)
prof. Aldo Corbellini
prof. Marco Magnani
Ms Tiziana Incerti Valli
Ms Anna Magnani
Dr Bianca Maria Sarti
Dr Giovanna Colangelo

The Department formalises the teaching QA policies through the definition of the strategic objectives of the degree courses included in the SUA-CDS prepared by the degree course referees.

Quality assurance