Learning objectives

The course in International Business and Development (IBD) aims to train professionals with specialist knowledge of the various aspects of international business and global development.

The course includes some basic course units on the use of international statistics, the fundamentals of international law and international markets, the history of globalisation processes, and major macroeconomic scenarios. It is then subdivided into microeconomic teaching to provide the necessary skills to work in companies operating in international markets, and macroeconomic teaching to provide the necessary skills to work in the field of international cooperation and development policies or within large international organisations.

In the microeconomics area, teaching covers aspects of international financial markets and institutions, international accounting, international branding and retailing, international marketing, and the economics and techniques of decision-making processes. These course units are instrumental in enhancing the professional profile of managers or business consultants.

In the macroeconomic field, teaching will focus on development economics, international cooperation, industrial and rural clusters, business cooperation and the major themes of sustainable development, in particular the environment and renewable energy sources. These lessons are instrumental in developing the professional profile of cooperation and development project managers.