Enrolment procedures and deadlines

Italian and foreign students follow different enrolment procedures.
Students holding an Italian first-cycle degree must check their degree class and their frst-cycle degree mark. For marks below 95 and for some classes, an interview is required.
EU candidates must follow the procedure indicated on the University website.
Non-EU students must follow a pre-evaluation procedure to be admitted to IBD. Applications are accepted until June 30, 2023.
All students must meet the English language requirement.

Language requirement (all students)

The English language requirement for IBD is one of the following certificates (students enrolled in 2023-24):

  • IELTS (International English Language System), 5.5 (obtained in 2019 or later).
  • ETS iBT TOEFL, 60 (obtained in 2019 or later).
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment, First (FCE) or Business Vantage (BEC).
  • TRINITY COLLEGE ISE, Minimum level II.
  • ETS TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), Listening and Reading Test and Speaking and Writing Test. Minimum scores: Listening (275); Reading (275); Speaking (160); Writing (150).

Students may enrol for IBD without a certificate, but are required to produce one of the above certificates by the end of the first academic year (September 2024). Students who do not obtain a certificate will not be permitted to take second-year exams. 
Only students whose mother tongue is English and students who have completed a first or second level degree delivered and examined in English are exempt from this requirement. This condition must appear on the degree certificate.

[Students enrolled in 2022-23 must meet the language requirement by September 2023, with certifications obtained in 2018 or later]

Italian candidates enrolling in 2023-24

Holders of the following first-cycle Italian degree certificates with a final mark of 95 or over are admitted to IBD with no further requirement. 

Class Former 270/04 (Former 509/99)       

  • L-10 (5) Humanities
  • L-11 (11) Modern language and civilisations
  • L-12 (12) Applied Languages
  • L-15 (39) Tourism
  • L-18 (17) Business administration
  • L-20 (14) Communication 
  • L-33 (28) Economics
  • L-36 (15) Political science and international relations
  • L-37 (35) Peace studies
  • L-40 (36) Sociology

The student registry office of the Department of Economics and Management verifies the validity of the degree certificate presented by the applicant.
Applicants holding a degree certificate as specified above, but with a final mark below 95, are required to attend an interview. The dates for the interviews in 2023 are the following:

  • Thursday, July 20, h. 11 a.m.
  • Wednesday. September 6, h. 13 p.m.
  • Tuesday, October 17, h. 11 a.m.
  • Thursday, November 23, h. 11 a.m.
  • Monday, December 18, h. 11 a.m.

The application for the interview (see the application form below) must be scanned and sent to didattica.sea@unipr.it. Applications will be accepted until 12 noon on the day before the selected interview date.
Interviews will take place in prof. Fabbri's office (Palazzina Feroldi, first floor).
Applications from candidates holding degree certificates from classes other than those listed above should be submitted to the student registry office for assessment by the Admission Committee.
The enrolment procedures for Italian students (after the Admission Committee evaluation, if necessary) are available on the university website.
Application guidelines and deadlines (Prospectus).

EU candidates enrolling in 2023-24 (including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Republic of San Marino, Switzerland, and refugees)

EU candidates must follow the procedure indicated on the University of Parma website.
For EU candidates apply evalutation of their academic career. Please contact the President of degree course Prof. Paolo Fabbri.

Non-EU candidates enrolling in 2023-24

First call for applications for second-cycle degree courses in English: from 14 February to 30 April 2023.A second call for applications is from 16 May to 30 June 2023.

For all courses taught in English at the University of Parma, a pre-evaluation is compulsory, while it is optional for all first- and second-cycle degree courses taught in Italian. 

For those enrolling in an English-language second-cycle degree course (such as International Business and Development - IBD), it will be compulsory to apply for career prevalence (pre-evaluation). Applications are divided into two calls: the first from 14 February to 30 April 2023 and the second from 16 May to 30 June 2023 
Procedures for non EU students.
The maximum number of foreign students admitted to IBD is 40.

Foreign candidates and students with a non-Italian degree must register on the University computer system. The registration can be done anytime before the starting date of enrolment. You will need these credentials to access the application procedure and all the other procedures regarding your student career 
Online registration. 

Candidates applying for admission to International Business and Development should therefore apply using the appropriate link: 
https://www.idem.unipr.it/secure/pre_admission. If the documentation is complete, the University will carry out a preliminary assessment of the qualifications.