Enrolment for the a.y. 2024/2025

The single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy is programmed at local level.

Number of places: 179 (of which 3 non-EU, including 1 Chinese student - Marco Polo Project).

Those who have taken the TOLC-F in Italian (TOLC@UNI or TOLC@CASA) delivered by the CISIA consortium after 1/1/2023 can be admitted to the Degree Course in PHARMACY

Registration for the TOLC-F must be carried out on the CISIA portal on the page https://www.cisiaonline.it/area-tematica-tolc-farmacia/home-tolc-f/

The first useful date to take the TOLC-F at the University of Parma is 28 March 2024. The TOLC-F will take place at the computer room "E" of the "Aule delle scienze" complex, at the University Campus.

N.B.: The score obtained with the TOLC-F test is transmitted to the University directly by CISIA. Therefore, when registering for the enrolment (see the Call for Admission), the candidate is NOT required to enter the score obtained with the TOLC-F test.


Entry Requirements and Additional Educational Obligations (OFA)

For access to the single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy, it is necessary to hold a secondary school diploma as stipulated in Art. 6(3) of Ministerial Decree. 6, paragraph 3, del Ministerial Decree 270/04.

Basic knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology is required, which can be found in the Syllabi published on the CISIA website at the link https://www.cisiaonline.it/area-tematica-tolc-farmacia/struttura-della-prova-e-sillabo/, acquired from upper secondary school curricula and sufficient for effective learning of the subjects taught in the first year.

The adequacy of basic preparation, verified through the TOLC-F, is considered to be possessed by the student who has acquired the following minimum scores:

- Chemistry: 7
- Biology: 7
- Mathematics: 3
- Physics: 3

Students who enroll without obtaining the minimum scores will be assigned an Additional Educational Obligation (OFA).

Remedial procedures for the Additional Educational Obligations

The assignment of an OFA implies compulsory attendance at remedial classes in the respective core subject according to special supplementary teaching programmes organized by the University (IDEA project). Remedial classes are held in the Department of Food and Drug according to a fixed schedule published on the class schedule.
The OFA assigned is deemed to have been fulfilled by passing an appropriate examination, the content, date and time of which are established and communicated to the students concerned by the teacher, or by passing the relevant exam.
In the event of failure to complete the OFAs within the first academic year of the course, the student may enrol in the second year of the course, but may not take the examinations before the OFAs have been completed.