IDEA (Integration of Teaching for Assisted Practice) project

What is the IDEA project
The project aims to create an operational link between secondary school and university, for a fruitful connection between secondary school teaching and university teaching, as an effective means of reducing student difficulties and drop-out phenomena.
The agreed teaching activity is financed by the University and constitutes a deployment of the School's professional expertise at university hubs, in training and tutoring activities, also allowing for exchanges of experience and circulation of training programmes.
The aim is to provide the basic knowledge necessary to profitably follow the respective courses or to approach certain basic disciplines with a view to a more complete education.
Each course is delivered by high school teachers, selected and trained in agreement with the Territorial School Offices of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia and with the Regional School Office for Emilia-Romagna.
Target group
With the IDEA (Integration of Teaching for Assisted Practice) project, supplementary teaching exercises are carried out for first-year students.
Courses normally last 60 hours.
For the degree courses in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, exercises are offered in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
Since these are propaedeutic courses (supplementary teaching), there is no final examination or award of ECTS credits, but the activity carried out will be taken into account in the examination of the respective subjects.