Learning objectives

The main objective of the single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy is to provide graduates with the scientific basis and the theoretical and practical preparation which, following professional qualification and enrolment, will enable him/her to work as a pharmacist and to carry out professional activities related to medicines and health products from the production stage to use by the patient, operating in healthcare, industrial and research environments.

The key learning objectives of the single-cycle degree course meet the requirements for training pharmacists in performing the functions envisaged by national legislation and EU Directive 2013/55/EU.
The curriculum of studies provides multidisciplinary theoretical and practical training in the fields of chemistry, biology, botany, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology and physical, chemical, biological and microbiological control methods of medicinal products, as well as in the properties of dietetic, cosmetic and herbal products, pathophysiology, pharmacology and toxicology and national and EU pharmaceutical legislation relevant to the field. This knowledge enables graduates to work competently in the fields of design, production, control, distribution, dispensing and advice on the correct use of pharmaceuticals as well as health products (cosmetic, dietary, herbal, medical).

The specific learning objectives of the course take into account the particular functions that make graduates of the single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy into experts in pharmaceuticals, able to constitute a fundamental link between the patient, the doctor and the public and private health structures, with which he/she collaborates in monitoring the use of drugs, in terms of pharmaceutical expenditure and reports relevant to the safety of drugs and health products.
The graduate of the single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy is also a health educator, involved in informing the public about the correct use of medicines and medical devices and in promoting public health by assisting citizens in the implementation of effective prevention and appropriate adherence to treatment.
The graduate of the single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy is a competent interlocutor and source of additional information for medical personnel thanks to his or her in-depth knowledge of the effects, metabolism and toxicity of medicines, innovative therapies based on biotechnological drugs, and his or her knowledge of scientific investigation methodology that enables him or her to critically evaluate data on medicines.
Graduates of the single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy are also managers of the pharmacy business and apply the knowledge acquired on the course to the role of the pharmacy in health protection and during professional training.

The single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy also provides the necessary competences and learning skills to tackle second-level Professional Master Programmes, Specialization Schools, PhDs and to ensure the continuous updating of knowledge in compliance with current regulations.