Degree Course in Brief

The single-cycle degree course in Pharmacy is divided into five years, and its main objective is to provide graduates with the scientific basis and the theoretical and practical preparation necessary to exercise the profession of pharmacist, subject to qualification and enrolment on the professional register, and to work as an expert in pharmaceuticals and health products (medical-surgical aids, sanitary ware, cosmetics, dietary products, herbal products, supplements, diagnostic and chemical-clinical products) in the health, industrial and research fields.
Employment opportunities therefore concern public, private or hospital pharmacies, local health authority facilities, pharmaceutical or parapharmaceutical industries and laboratories, the medical-scientific information sector and public or private research; access to teaching in secondary schools is also possible, in compliance with the requirements dictated by DM 616/2017.
The training course comprises classes and laboratory activities aimed at providing multidisciplinary knowledge on medicines and health products and concludes with a six-month professional internship in a community or hospital pharmacy.
The programme of study provides for the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the following subject areas:
1. physical-mathematical, chemical and analytical area
2. biological-biochemical and pathophysiological area
3. pharmacological and toxicological area
4. chemical-pharmaceutical area
5. technological-legislative and professional area.
The curriculum offers the possibility of experiences abroad for the performance of training activities and related assessments, for the performance of experimental theses and part of the professional internship.
For admission to the single-cycle degree course, basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology are required in addition to a high school diploma.

Lesson Zero

The Pharmacy degree course organises a Welcome Day for each year of the course: "Lesson Zero", intended to improve the student experience by providing precise information on the specific educational aspects of the academic year they are undertaking (services offered by the university and the course, theoretical and practical activities envisaged in the programme of study, tutoring, ways of organizing and carrying out the curricular internship, international mobility opportunities, ways of planning the thesis, post-graduate courses).


Lessons Zero Calendar - a.y. 2023/2024

  • 1st year: Thursday 21 September, 8.30 - 9.30, classroom A Pharmacy complex. Speaker: Prof. V. Zuliani - VIEW THE PRESENTATION
  • 2nd year: Friday 22 September, 16.00 - 17.30, classroom A Pharmacy complex. Speaker: Prof. F. Zanardi - VIEW THE PRESENTATION
  • 3rd year: Friday 22 September, 14.00 - 15.00, classroom M "Aule delle scienze" complex. Speaker: Prof. E. Barocelli - VIEW THE PRESENTATION
  • 4th year: Tuesday 26 September, 10.30 - 11.30, classroom A Pharmacy Complex. Speaker: Prof. E. Favari - VIEW THE PRESENTATION
  • 5th year: Monday 2 October, 14.30, classroom L "Aule delle scienze" complex. Speaker: Prof. S. Rivara - VIEW THE PRESENTATION