Teaching quality

Quality Assurance is an indispensable process for the Course of Study and involves governing bodies, faculty, students and administrative staff.

Quality assurance means:

  • Defining quality policies in harmony and synergy with the University's strategic directions and reliable and robust procedures through which governing bodies can implement them.
  • To put in place activities to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in all the University's internal processes, primarily serving the quality of education and research.
  • Create awareness in all those who work in the Athenaeum so that everyone's tasks are carried out competently and promptly, services provided are effective, and records are kept to monitor and measure results.

For more information, please refer to University Quality Assurance.


Manager of Quality Assurance

Prof. Matteo Tegoni

The Quality Assurance manager (RAQ) collaborates with the course chair and department chair in planning improvement actions and monitors their implementation. Monitors the proper conduct of teaching activities and support services. Informs the course chairperson of any problems concerning the proper conduct of teaching activities, including on the basis of reports from students.

Form for sending reports, complaints, suggestions: Click here.

Quality Assurance Group

It is responsible for guiding the course of study toward the goal of continuous improvement in outcomes through a process of periodic self-evaluation.

Composition of Quality Assurance Group

Student Opinion Survey Questionnaire (OPIS)

The Student Opinion Survey Questionnaire (OPIS) is a tool aimed at surveying student opinion in order to improve teaching, quality and the organization of study courses and is an integral part of the evaluation system; for students, it is an important opportunity to make their voices heard and actively participate in the life of their course of study, guaranteeing better Quality Assurance: for this reason, the University recommends its timely and accurate completion.

For more information on OPIS questionnaires, please see page Completing the Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire.

Scheda di Monitoraggio Annuale

La Scheda di Monitoraggio Annuale (SMA), costituisce una componente essenziale del processo di assicurazione della qualità delle attività del Corso di Studio. Mediante l'autovalutazione dei risultati conseguiti in relazione agli obiettivi formativi stabiliti, la SMA documenta le buone pratiche, le criticità riscontrate e pianifica azioni di miglioramento.