Learning objectives

The objective of the master's degree program in Biomolecular, Genomic and Cellular Sciences is the training of a Biologist with an excellent scientific and operational background, which is essential for inclusion in research and applied activities within the fields of molecular and cellular biology.
The degree program aims to provide in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of laboratory methodologies, analytical instruments, and data acquisition and analysis techniques. The master's degree student will be familiar with instrumentation, technologies and methodologies for the molecular analysis of genes and genomes, the study of the structure and function of biological macromolecules, their interactions and cellular processes, including through the use of model systems; he or she will have skills in the use of statistical and bioinformatics tools; a good ability to fluently use, in written and oral form, the Italian and English languages; ability to participate in applied research projects in the biomolecular, biomedical and industrial fields; good chances of admission to Ph.D. programs in the biological-molecular field.