Rules of conduct in graduation sessions

On the occasion of graduations, we remind graduates and their families to adhere to specific rules of conduct that guarantee the dignity and decorum of the university institution and prevent damage to persons and property. These rules are contained in the Rules of Conduct for candidates and their families during graduation sessions.
Finally, it is worth recalling the provisions of 'Article 41 - Code of Conduct' of the current University Teaching Regulations:

  • University staff and students must promote, also through their behaviour, the smooth running of university activities as well as civilised coexistence.
  • Students who, by their behaviour, obstruct the regular and proper conduct of academic activities and cause damage to University property, without prejudice to the application of the criminal and administrative sanctions provided for by the legislation in force, may be subject to disciplinary proceedings, in compliance with the principle of adversarial proceedings. Sanctionable conduct, the applicable procedure and sanctions, as well as their enforceability are foreseen in specific regulations to which reference is made.
  • For university staff, please refer to the provisions of the Code of Ethics and the legal and collective bargaining rules governing disciplinary matters.