Course presentation

The master's degree program in Biomolecular, Genomic and Cellular Sciences completes the training in biological disciplines begun with the bachelor's degree in Biology and aims to train professionals with a solid cultural background in the most advanced areas of molecular and cellular biology, genetics and biochemistry. The course has a duration of two years and is open access.

The Degree Course is divided into two years and includes frontal teaching in the first year and the first semester of the second year, while the second semester of the second year is completely dedicated to laboratory activities for internship and preparation of the dissertation, which can be carried out in various laboratories of the University (in addition to those of the Department of Chemical, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability), but also in companies and extra-academic research centers in Italy and abroad. Practical exercises are also planned in some courses, as well as specialized seminars held by experts from both academia and companies operating in related fields of production.

The conduct of internship/thesis activities at foreign laboratories is encouraged through ErasmusPlus, Erasmus SMT and Overworld internationalization projects, which often extend into the postgraduate period with PhDs or other Level III training activities abroad.