Course chair

Prof. Claudio Rivetti

The course chair convenes and chairs the Course Council and oversees its activities.

Quality Assurance

Prof. Matteo Tegoni

The person in charge of the quality assurance (RAQ) collaborates with the course chair and department chair in planning improvement actions and monitors their implementation. Monitors the proper conduct of teaching activities and support services. Informs the study course chairperson of any problems concerning the proper conduct of teaching activities, including on the basis of reports from students.

Study programme manager


The person in charge to ensure the organization and functionality of the teaching of the degree course, manages and updates the content of the degree course website.

Guidance and tutoring delegate

Prof. Riccardo Percudani

Guidance and tutoring activities support students in their choice of the university curriculum and throughout their studies.

Career Guidance Delegate

Prof. Riccardo Percudani

The Delegate organises and promotes initiatives aimed to facilitate the entry of undergraduate and graduate students into the world of work.

Erasmus Delegate

Prof. Alessio Peracchi

Assists students in researching and choosing a location for international mobility for Erasmus Plus, SMT and Overworld projects.

Contact person for students with disabilities, Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs) or those belonging to vulnerable groups

Prof.ssa Paola Goffrini

She works closely with the Reception and Inclusion Center (CAI) in the areas of reception, care, social integration and rights of people with disabilities, Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), Special Educational Needs (BES).

Degree Council

The Council consists of the lecturers and faculty members and researchers pertaining to the course and a student representative. The duties of the Course Council are governed by the University Teaching Regulations.


Genomic and Cellular Biomolecular Sciences Degree Council members

Quality Assurance Group

It is responsible for guiding the course of study toward the goal of continuous improvement in outcomes through a process of periodic self-evaluation.

Composition of the Quality Assurance Group

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, composed of a representation of faculty members and representatives of the world of work, ensures constant liaison with the business and labor world in order to evaluate the progress of the Courses of Study, to develop proposals for the definition and design of the educational offerings and learning objectives, and to promote contacts for possible training placements of students in companies and institutions.


University members - The chairpearsons of the Master degree course

  • Prof.ssa Mariolina Gullì
    Presidente CdS Biotecnologie
  • Prof.ssa Barbara Montanini
    Presidente CdS Biotecnologie Genomiche Molecolari Industriali
  • Prof. Claudio Rivetti
    Presidente CdS Scienze Biomolecolari, Genomiche e Cellulari
  • Prof.ssa Valeria Rossi
    Presidente CdS Biologia
  • Prof. Andrea Sgoifo
    Presidente CdS Biologia Applicazioni Biomediche/Scienze Biomediche Traslazionali


Other members

  • Dott. Angelo Albani (
    Ordine del Biologi - Delegato per la provincia di La Spezia
  • Dott.ssa Rosalia Aloe (
    Responsabile della Struttura semplice dipartimentale Biochimica ad elevata automazione e direttore f.f. della Diagnostica ematochimica del Dipartimento diagnostico dell’Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Parma
  • Dott. Davide Ederle (
    Presidente Associazione Nazionale Biotecnologi Italiani
  • Dott.ssa Barbara Pioselli (
    Head of Biomolecule Structural Characterization unit - Chiesi Farmaceutici - Parma)
  • Dott. Arturo Roberto Viscomi (
    Responsabile Process Monitoring reparti non sterili e sterili ad alto contenimento - Glaxo Smith & Kline - Parma

Joint Committee of Teachers and Students - CPDS

Each department establishes a Joint Committee of Teachers and Students (CPDS) consisting of one lecturer and one student from each course of study pertaining to the department.

The CPDS is a permanent observatory on teaching activities.