Transfers and course transitions

Students enrolled at another university who wish to come to study at our university, or if they are enrolled at this university and wish to study elsewhere, may apply for an incoming transfer.
If you are enrolled at this university and wish to study elsewhere, you can apply for an outgoing transfer.

If the student is already enrolled at this university but wishes to change degree course, he/she may apply for a change of course.

A student who has matriculated in a given academic year may, by the deadline for the second instalment of fees and without any charge, submit a request for an option to another course of study. After that date, the option is no longer permitted and it is necessary to apply for a change of course.

Examination validation

Students who, for transfer or second degree purposes, require the validation of examinations previously taken in other degree courses should contact the Student registry office of the humanities degree courses for information on procedures and guidance on how to apply for validation.

Course professors can advise on the number of examinations that will be validated. This request can also be made by sending an email to the course President, to which it is always necessary to attach a certified/self-certified extract (also on unstamped paper) of the examinations taken with the relevant ECTS credits, grade and ssd.

University fees and benefits

On this 'Tuition fees and benefits' page, you can find information on the current academic year on:

  • fee amounts
  • tax terms and deadlines 
  • contribution bands
  • benefits
  • study awards
  • application for reimbursement

Contact Tax Office

O.U. Grants and right to study

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Grants office:
opening hours (by appointment): Tuesday (remote) 9-12 a.m. and Thursday (face-to-face) 11-13 p.m.

Collaboration and student association office:
opening hours : Tuesday (in attendance) 9-12 and Thursday (in attendance) 11-13.

Tel. 0521-904090