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The Elly portal is a support for the students, students and technical-administrative staff of the university.
Here you can find teaching materials, compulsory or optional training courses, information and in-depth information on the various degree courses offered by the University, directions on how to use all the services and on how to use the platforms and tools useful during your academic career (Student Agenda, Easyroom, Esse3, U-Gov, etc.).
Elly is an invaluable support especially for studying. It offers the possibility of consulting class material uploaded directly by the lecturer, so that the student can study in depth the topics covered in the professor without the risk of missing important passages.
In order to particularly facilitate the learning process of working students or students from disadvantaged groups, video recordings of classes or other teaching material, prepared by the instructor, will be available in the sections reserved for the various course units for a period of at least 15 days.
Direct link to the DUSIC Department's Elly page
Please note: the address of the Elly page changes every year, which is why the link to the Department's information page has been included and not the direct Elly page.

Italian for foreigners

Italian courses for foreign students aim to improve their knowledge of the Italian language and especially of the language of study and thus enable foreign students to take their exams in Italian.

On this page of the university's DUSIC Department website, you can find all the information on Italian language courses for foreigners.

Latin Language Certification

As of 2017, the Latin Certificate also kicks off in Parma, which for the Emilia Romagna region involves our University together with the Universities of Bologna and Ferrara.

The final objective is the elaboration of a single certification model, which unambiguously defines the levels, the required competences, the methods of assessment and verification of the required competences, the forms of spendability, while elaborating didactic models for the preparation of the certification tests.

On this page of the DUSIC Department website there is all the information about the Latin Certificate.

Master in Audio-Visual Translation

The Master's course is intended to provide a useful overview of the field of Audiovisual Translation for a new generation of students interested in understanding those segments of the translation market that are emerging as the most productive, in addition to the better known ones such as Translation for Dubbing and Subtitling, to the lesser known ones such as Localisation (which is expanding so much that we can now speak of a "translation industry") and also that of new professional profiles such as Subtitling for the Deaf and Audiodescription for the Blind.

Contact: prof.ssa María Valero Gisbert (mvalero@unipr.it). Link to the Department and Master's in Audiovisual Translation page.
Requirements: First-cycle degree course.


For students on the degree course, the current Academic Regulations provide for the optional e-learning of an information literacy course prior to the writing of the dissertation (formerly Bibliopatente) consisting of three modules, two of which (Infopatente and Bibliopatente base) are available:

- on the public Eduopen platform (https://learn.eduopen.org/eduopenv2/institution_details.php?institutionid=10)
- and a concluding module (Advanced Bibliopatente) available on Elly Libraries (https://elly.biblioteche.unipr.it/2019/course/index.php?categoryid=3).

The course is aimed at empowering students in the documentary research necessary for in-depth study of examination and thesis topics by facilitating the use of the Library and the retrieval and management of online information in the context of their curriculum.

How to register for the courses
Students are reminded that in order to register correctly for the course, they must find out about the accreditation procedures and topics of the course on the reference site https://dusicdigilab.unipr.it/ and then follow the procedure set out in detail at the link https://dusicdigilab.unipr.it/74-2/

Language Library

The Language Library is located in the historic Palazzo delle Carrozze. Its collections, relating to foreign languages and literatures, testify to the research and the course units that are activated in the Deparment. The library has a holdings of around 40,000 volumes, as well as periodicals, electronic resources and multimedia materials.

There are 60 seats in the study room, university WiFi and three computers.

The Library is open to all for consultation, while lending is reserved for institutional users of the University of Parma and residents in the municipality of Parma or in the provincial territory.
Link to information page.

Study Services

This page (Study Services) lists the numerous services offered by the university to support students.


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