Enrolment procedures and deadlines

Admission to the course is open access until the closing date for enrolment, which is decided each year in view of sustainable numbers.

On this page: "Enrolling at the University of Parma" contains all the instructions for online enrolment.
You should also consult and download the annually updated Prospectus on your computer.

Entry requirements

For admission to the degree course in Modern Foreign Languages and Civilisations it is necessary to be in possession of a Secondary School Diploma or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable, and provided for by current legislation.

An adequate basic preparation is required, consisting of language skills and cultural knowledge usually acquired in high schools and upper secondary schools. This basic preparation will be tested in the manner specified in the study course's didactic regulations. Any training debts resulting from deficiencies in basic preparation will be remedied as indicated on the 'non-selective test' page.

The recognition of any equivalence of qualifications obtained abroad is determined by the laws in force.

Admission procedures

Admission to the study course is open-access until the closing date for enrolment.

The methods for testing initial knowledge, as specified in Chart A3.a above, are laid down in the Course Regulations:

"The verification of entry knowledge and skills consists of a test (Aptitude Test, as per Ministerial Decree. 270/04), intended for those enrolled who obtained a score of less than 70/100 in the final exam of their upper secondary education, in order to identify any gaps and guide students who are insufficiently prepared for their chosen curriculum to integrative and tutoring activities, held by professors, research fellows, PhD students and tutors chosen from among the students of the Master’s Degrees. These activities must be followed in the first year of the course. At the end of the assigned supplementary activities, the professor, researcher, doctoral student or tutor chosen from among the Master's degree students will certify that the gaps identified have been made up and will inform the Course Council. Students who withdraw from the test and remedial course, or fail to satisfactorily complete the remedial activities, will not be allowed to sit the written examinations of the Language and Translation proficiency examinations in their chosen languages in the first year of the course." (Didactic Regulation of the DC, Art. 3, paragraph 3 - Admission).