Classrooms and laboratories

On the AgendaStudenti portal, individual halls and classrooms can be found in the 'Classroom Occupancy' section to check which classrooms are free.
The same can be done by consulting the EasyRoom portal and entering the individual sites.

Multimedia Language Laboratory

The multimedia laboratory (on this dedicated page, there is detailed information, access, equipment, booking service, and resources) provides many resources for practising your chosen language(s), with or without the guidance of a teacher. It is a place dedicated to learning rather than teaching. It is the place where one can identify one's strengths and weaknesses and make oneself aware of one's progress, searching among the online and/or CD/DVD activities for those that will serve to improve one's language competence.

Notice is hereby given that from the summer session of the a.y. 2016/2017 lab hours will no longer be compulsory for admission to the written tests.
Laboratory Technician:
Viale San Michele, 9
Tel. +39 0521-034717
The workshop coordinator is Prof. Michela Canepari.

Digital Skills Laboratory DigiLab

The digital skills laboratory digilab offers support and advice for activities and projects related to digital, information, and documentation skills training, in support of teaching and particularly in support of the preliminary skills required for those enrolled in this degree course for the preparation of their final thesis.

For detailed information, see the laboratory's activity reference site at the link



Laboratory Technician
Viale San Michele, 9
Tel. +39 0521 034706