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Academic year 2013/14
3° year of course - Annual
Professor responsible for the course unit
integrated course unit
13 credits
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Course unit structured in the following modules:

Learning objectives

The course is structured in ex cathedra lectures and practicals to enable students to acquire basic knowledge of pathology and simultaneously achieve professional independence. The qualifying time is the interpretation of the macro and microscopic disease patterns from his own knowledge gained during the lectures and individual study


Generalò pathology, physiopathology and veterinary immunopathology

Course unit content

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Full programme

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MARCATO P.S.: Patologia sistematica veterinaria, Edagricole, Bologna, 2002
GUARDA F., MANDELLI G.: Trattato di anatomia patologica veterinaria, UTET, Torino
TACCINI E. Tecnica autoptica e diagnostica cadaverica, Poletto Editore, Marzo 2006
THOMSON’S Special Veterinari Pathology, Mosby Editor, 2001
Patologia veterinaria sistemica
McGavin M.D., Zachary J.F.
Elsevier Masson, 2010

Teaching methods

ectures using videobeam.
Practicals on cadavers and pathological organs in necropsy room and histopathology in Multifunctional lab 1

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam comprises:
a) Practicals on cadaver or pathological organs;
b) Histopathology exam
c) Oral exam

Other information

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