After graduation

Outbound (or postgraduate) advising is a service aimed at guiding undergraduate and graduate students towards the world of work through various activities and initiatives.

The degree course, through the course delegate, organises and publicises meetings with representatives of the world of work (e.g. professionals, civil servants, entrepreneurs, etc.) in order to illustrate to students the characteristics of the individual activities and the challenges that graduates will have to face at the end of their university education.

The Department of Veterinary Science employs contract professors, particularly qualified freelancers who represent excellence in the various fields that characterise the profession of veterinary medicine.

In particular, seminars and meetings with the following figures are organised during the first week of the 5th year:

  • professionals from the pharmaceutical industry
  • professionals working in the poultry sector
  • professionals working in veterinary public health: AUSL veterinary service managers
  • professionals working in the pig sector 
  • professionals working in the buiatrics sector 
  • professionals working in the exotic animal sector and CRAS(wild animal rescue centres).

Postgraduate advising service is carried out at university level by the Guidance and Job Placement division.

The Guidance and Job Placement unit organises a series of interventions to support those who are about to finish or have already finished a university course in their transition to the world of work, promoting soft skills and knowledge of professional profiles and related opportunities.

The main services offered to students and graduates are:

  • jobs notice board with all job offers posted by companies, bodies and organisations registered in various capacities on the AlmaLaurea portal;
  • job opportunities, publication of opportunities for students and graduates;
  • Job day, an annual event aimed at fostering direct relations between companies and graduates of the University of Parma;
  • seminars and meetings on how to write a CV and a cover letter, how to successfully approach a job interview (individual and group interview simulations), etc.;
  • orientation internships (or traineeships) reserved for graduates within twelve months of obtaining their degree.

In addition, ER.GO. also provides various support services for recent graduates on its 'Job Orientation' page.