Career prospects

Article 1 of the code of ethics clearly identifies the professional areas in which the activity of the veterinary physician is carried out:

"Article 1: - The veterinary physician carries out their professional activity in the service of the community to protect the health of animals and humans. In particular, they are dedicated to:

- the protection of humans and animals from dangers and damage caused by the environment, animal diseases and the consumption of foodstuffs or other products of animal origin;

- the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases and the protection of animal welfare;

- the conservation and functional development of livestock;

- the conservation and protection of the environment and wildlife inspired by the principles of protection of biological diversity and coexistence compatible with humans;

- activities related to the life of pets, competition animals and exotic animals;

- the promotion of respect for animals and their well-being as sentient beings; - the promotion of hygiene and health prevention campaigns and education for a correct human-animal-environment relationship;

- activities related to food production, its correct management and the assessment of risks related to food safety management."[Code of Ethics, 2019].

The professional figure to be trained will be able to carry out freelance activities, work in the National Health Service, in the Armed Forces, in public and private industry, in the zootechnical and pharmaceutical sectors and in research institutions.