Learning objectives

The aim of the single-cycle degree course in Veterinary Medicine is to train physicians to an initial professional level characterised by a multidisciplinary and integrated vision, achieved through the acquisition of knowledge and skills, enabling him/her to make professional choices in the various fields in which veterinary surgeons work, with full decision-making autonomy.

Graduates of the single-cycle degree in Veterinary Medicine must, in their daily practice in the profession, be able to act with full independence of judgement, supported by their knowledge, skills and abilities, to ensure the quality of their engagement in the care and protection of animals and public health. They must be aware of their ethical responsibilities towards animals, their clients and the community, in the knowledge that their professional decisions may have decisive repercussions on the environment and society, even in the absence of a comprehensive information framework, but in compliance with the ethical and bioethical commitments required by their professionalism.

Veterinary medical education thus oriented constitutes the starting point of continuing education over time, laying the foundations for continuing professional development, for further study in specific professional fields or for higher-level teaching.