Thesis/Final examination

The final examination, worth 9 ECTS credits, takes the form of the presentation and discussion of a written paper, called a thesis, structured along the lines of a scientific publication, prepared independently by the student under the supervision of a supervisor and concerning a specific veterinary science topic.
The preparatory work for the thesis has been divided into three periods in order to enable the student to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to complete it gradually.

  • In the 3rd year of the course, the student acquires 2 ECTS credits for activities focused on learning how to consult databases containing national and international literature on topics related to the course subjects included in the teaching curriculum; this activity is supervised by the Department's specially selected official tutors.
  • In the 4th year of the course, the student acquires a further 3 ECTS credits relating to the choice of supervisor and thesis topic; the supervisor gradually introduces the student to the conscious choice of thesis topic by illustrating the basic concepts. The student thus acquires the indispensable knowledge and skills they need in order identify texts and scientific publications to use in drafting the initial chapters of their thesis.
  • In the 5th year, the student is engaged in the final drafting of the thesis and its presentation on the date of the graduation session.

Students may opt for either a compilation or experimental thesis.
The Graduation Committee, after approving the paper, awards the degree grade.
The proclamation takes place at the end of the work of the Degree Committee.

Degree examinations are public.

Calendar of graduation sessions and deadlines

Thesis Titles

Each professor/instructor belonging to the Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine is required to indicate, at the beginning of the academic year, at least 3 thesis titles in Italian and English.
The student has the option of choosing his or her thesis from among the indicated titles or agreeing it with the supervisor. 

The list of proposed titles is continuously updated

Thesis Titles

Alma Laurea Services

Graduating students must complete the AlmaLaurea questionnaire: ⇒ AlmaLaurea Questionnaire for Graduating Students

The questionnaire allows students to contribute, with their own judgement, to improving the University, to orienting future students and to carrying out surveys to monitor how the professionalism of graduates fits into the world of work.