Course presentation

Class of membership: LM-42 of Single-cycle degree in Veterinary Medicine

Course type: Single-cycle degree course

Department of affiliation: Veterinary Science

Duration in years: 5

ECTS credits: 300

Teaching complex: Strada del Taglio 10 - 43126 Parma

Language: Italian

Type of access: Course with national scheduled access. Maximum number of students enrolled: 65 (62 + 3 non-EU) (provisional number)

Date of admission test: 08 September 2022

Course brochure: Brochure

Degree course in brief

The training course is divided into three sequential and coordinated phases sharing a common goal: to train a professional figure capable of bringing competence and knowledge to the various roles of the veterinary physician.

The prerequisites for some courses ensure that all students have the correct training and solid skills. Achievement of the objectives will be verified by examinations at the end of the courses.

The first phase is spread over the first two years of the course. Its aim is for students to acquire basic scientific knowledge. In particular, the basic sciences provide each student with skills in the chemical, physical-mathematical, zootechnical, parasitological and anatomical-physiological fields that will support them in tackling the core subjects.
The second phase is developed in the following three years in which characterising courses are delivered on public health, clinical and inspection subjects, with related practical and laboratory activities.
All knowledge, both basic and more advanced (caratterizzanti), is acquired through classes and practical and laboratory activities.
The third phase is the internship, which takes place in the second semester of the fifth year and consists of 750 hours for a total of 30 ECTS credits. Covering clinical subjects, zootechnics and food inspection, its aim is for students to acquire adequate practical training in professional subjects.

Lesson Zero

"Lesson Zero" will be held on Monday 10 October, in classroom A of the Department of Veterinary Sciences.

Lesson Zero will be held for new students of the Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine, introducing them to the university environment.