Advising and guidance

Guidance refers to all activities aimed at enabling the future student to plan and manage their learning in a way that is consistent with their personal life goals and makes full use of their individual skills and interests to achieve personal fulfilment.

Depending on the stage of the university process at which these activities are carried out, a distinction is made between:

Incoming guidance: carried out before the choice of degree course, guidance is aimed at future students and offers support in identifying which course to take based on individual interests, expectations and aptitudes. In this phase, the various possible scenarios are presented to the future student and the alternatives of the university path are illustrated;

ongoing guidance: carried out during the university career, it is aimed at enrolled students and is designed to guide them through the degree courses they are on, enabling them to better interact with the structures and the university context;

advising: carried out close to or after graduation, it is aimed at graduates or undergraduates and designed to facilitate their introduction into the working environment (see After graduation page).

Incoming Guidance

Guidance for incoming students takes place through meetings with students and teachers from upper secondary schools, through presentations at schools, presentations and visits to the department facilities and through individual meetings.

In cooperation with upper-secondary schools, a study-work alternation period is planned each year, during which students attend the facilities of the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the laboratories of other divisions in the Veterinary Science department.

Guidance activities also take place through participation in university events dedicated to incoming guidance, such as OpenDay and InfoDay.

In April (as a rule), the University of Parma organises an Open Day specifically dedicated to the presentation of its single-cycle degree courses with the participation of course professors/instructors and students. On this occasion, a video is presented containing the main information about the degree course.


With the aim of facilitating first-year students in their initial approach to the activities of the degree course, each year it prepares a handbook containing all the information they need to get the most out of university life.

Ongoing tutoring and guidance

Ongoing tutoring and guidance is aimed at all enrolled students, to guide and support them throughout their education, guiding them, advising them on their choices, identifying and removing any obstacles to successful course attendance.

The ongoing guidance, although involving a delegate, is carried out by all the professors/instructors of the single-cycle degree course in Veterinary Medicine.

First-year students are all assigned, on a random basis, to the professors/instructors teaching the first two years of the course. 

Students enrolled in the third year may choose, by 30 September at the Student Registry Office, their tutor from among the professors/instructors of the last three years, providing three preferences. If no choice is made by the due date, a tutor is automatically assigned.

The student may contact his or her tutor whenever he or she deems it appropriate.
The tutor will stay with the student until graduation.

For more details see the Tutoring Regulations.