Corso di Veterinary medicine - Università degli Studi di Parma

The single-cycle degree in Veterinary Medicine is a course with limited access and compulsory attendance. The aim of the single-cycle degree course in Veterinary Medicine is to train physicians to an initial professional level characterised by a multidisciplinary and integrated vision, achieved through the acquisition of knowledge and skills, enabling him/her to make professional choices in the various fields in which veterinary surgeons work, with full decision-making autonomy.

Single cycle degree course 5 years
Admission test
course in Italian
class LM-42
300 credits


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No notices at the moment
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800 904 084

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+39 0521 902604

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Education Manager:
Giulia Branca

+39 0521 902601
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President of the degree course

Prof. Roberta Saleri

Faculty advisor

Prof. Marco Genchi

Career guidance delegate

Prof. Clotilde Silvia Cabassi

Erasmus delegates

Prof. Federico Righi

Quality assurance manager

Prof. Simone Taddei


Prof. Alberto Sabbioni