Enrolment procedures and deadlines

For admission to the single-cycle degree course in Veterinary Medicine, students must hold an upper secondary school diploma or other equivalent qualification obtained abroad.

Access to the degree course in Veterinary Medicine is regulated, for each hub and for each academic year, by numerical programming of student quotas (EU and non-EU) by Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of University and Research (MUR). The MUR formulates the admission test and fixes its date, start time and duration. The admission test therefore takes place at the same time at all locations offering degree courses in Veterinary Medicine.

Pre-enrolled candidates must take the national admission test and based on the results calculated on the number of right, wrong and blank answers, a ranking list is drawn up.

Students who have passed the admission test with a score of less than 40% of the maximum mark for the biology and/or chemistry questions must make up the educational deficit by fulfilling Additional Educational Obligations (OFA) within the first year of the course, in accordance with the provisions of the Course Regulations. For this purpose, preparatory training activities in biology and chemistry are established, carried out by professors or researchers of the degree course in Veterinary Medicine.

Students who have to fulfil OFAs are reported to the relevant professors/instructors by the head of the admission test procedure for the first year of the Veterinary Medicine degree course.