Student tutors

The University offers its students a tutoring service, aimed at guiding and assisting students throughout their course.

Tutoring is carried out by all course professors/instructors and by students identified through an annual call for applications.

Student tutor

The student tutor is an experienced student or doctoral/postgraduate student who puts his or her practical experience at the service of those in need.

In particular, it is responsible for

  • welcoming first year students,
  • assisting with the compilation of programmes of study,
  • advising on courses on offer (curriculum, prerequisites, examinations),
  • helping with the organisation of study and examinations, and supplementary didactic activities

Student Representatives

Course Council

Ms. Beretta Chiara
Ms. Catarina Annalisa
Mr. Ferrario Matteo
Ms. Gallini Matilde
Mr. Gerli Francesco
Mr. Gobbo Mattia
Ms. Mambrito Marta
Mr. Minesso Sergio
Ms. Peraro Letizia
Mr. Rondi Simone
Ms. Rossetto Margherita

Department Council

Mr. Gobbo Mattia
Ms. Catarina Annalisa

Joint Committee of Teachers and Students

Mr. Minesso Sergio
Dr. Martina Bernardis
Ms. Rossignoli Letizia

Department Quality Assurance Council

Ms. Peraro Letizia

Review Group

Ms. Rossetto Margherita

Tutor instructor/professor

The student can turn to the professor/instructor for suggestions and explanations on courses, study and research methodology, and to overcome any obstacles that may arise in the degree course.

Contact the tutor