Final examination: procedure and characteristic

  • The student must have acquired at least 180 ECTS credits to commence thesis-related activities.
  • The student must contact the supervisor directly and give him/her the duly completed and signed 'Thesis Entry Form'. The form must be completed in duplicate, one for the supervisor and one for the student.
  • The final examination consists of the preparation and public discussion of a thesis, normally COMPULSORY, under the guidance of a supervisor, i.e. a professor or researcher holding a teaching post in one of the pharmaceutical degree courses within the Department; this thesis is mainly based on the collection and analysis of bibliographic material relating to topics specific to the single-cycle degree course.
  • The student is given the opportunity to carry out an EXPERIMENTAL thesis:
    1. activities of an experimental nature to be carried out at university or non-university research laboratories in Italy or abroad;
    2. activities of a practical-professional experimental nature to be carried out at healthcare facilities, either public or private, Italian or foreign.
  • Experimental thesis work carried out at other universities or at external, public or private, Italian or foreign institutions necessarily requires:
    a) the authorization of the Course Council (CCdS) to be requested via email from its President [download the Authorization Form],
    b) the agreement between the external bodies and UNIPR (if not already in place), and the subsequent drafting of a training project.
    For such fulfilments, the student must follow the instructions available on this web page: through which, in the "Allegati" (Attachments) section, he will also have access to the forms, including the template of the training project.
  • In the case of theses to be carried out abroad, the student may take steps to access resources linked to the projects of the Department's International Mobility Committee.
  • The final examination is worth 15 ECTS credits:
    - 14 ECTS credits for activities related to thesis preparation
    - 1 credit for discussion.
  • For students who enrolled before 2019-20, in the case of an experimental thesis choice, the student must also devote the 12 ECTS credits provided for free-choice activities to the thesis activity.
  • For students enrolled as of 2019-20, in the case of an experimental thesis choice, the student may, on a voluntary basis, devote 4 of the 12 ECTS credits provided for free-choice activities to the thesis activity.

> List of Pharmacies in the Province of Parma available to host students for the performance of Practical-Professional Experimental Theses

Online Degree Application Procedure

Within one month from the date of graduation, the graduating student must carry out the online graduation application procedure, during which he or she must compulsorily include Form A50-F (authorization for submission of the thesis/dissertation by pharmacy students) among the attachments.

Form A50-F must be downloaded by the student and sent by email to the supervisor, who will fill it in, digitally sign it (via the U-sign system) and email it back to the student, who can then attach it to his or her online degree application.

The undergraduate must also, by the deadlines indicated:

  • Complete all examinations, including the internship: 10 days from the date of graduation;
  • Upload their final dissertation in your reserved area on the Esse3 platform: 7 days from the date of graduation.
    (The uploading of the paper replaces the delivery of the hard copy to the Student Registry Office)
  • On the University Portal, on the dedicated web page, student and teacher guides are published that illustrate all the steps of the procedure.


N.B. A student who has already submitted all documents for graduation and paid the diploma fee but does not graduate at the scheduled session must notify the Student Registry Office.
Afterwards, they will have to complete the online application again, for the next session, and pay the 16-euro stamp duty again (the payment for the cost of the diploma and its stamp duty remains valid, except for adjustments for any increases).


Undergraduates should also take note of the document outlining the technical requirements of the thesis presentation in PowerPoint format.
The FORMAT of the thesis cover page must follow the attached template.

Rewards for students who have held representative positions

Upon request, a distinction will be awarded to undergraduates who have acted as student representatives in the University bodies, as long as they can provide evidence of having attended at least 2-3 of the meetings.
The request must be submitted during the online graduation application procedure by including the self-certification form A/37 among the attachments.

Institutional repository DspaceUnipr

Deposit of ma thesis on DSpace platform (OPTIONAL)

In addition to depositing the thesis in ESSE3, which is mandatory, from the May 2023 graduation session, in agreement with the supervising professor, it is also OPTIONAL for undergraduates to deposit the thesis in the institutional repository DspaceUnipr for open access online consultation.
For information on this opportunity and the procedure to follow visit this page.

Useful Contacts: Dr Maria Grazia Suriano