The University of Parma promotes curricular internships in order to facilitate professional choices through direct knowledge of the world of work and the realisation of moments of alternation between study and work.

The curricular internship integrates and completes the student's training pathway through the performance of practical activities which, in accordance with the provisions of the Course Regulations of their degree course, may be carried out in facilities within the University or externally at qualified public and private organisations with which the University has entered into appropriate agreements.

The internship involves three subjects: the student, the promoter (the University of Parma) and the host (company or organisation) where the activity is carried out under the guidance of a university tutor, a University professor/instructor and a company tutor.

The curricular internship does not constitute a prerequisite for an employment relationship between the trainee and the host structure, nor can it be a substitute for company work or professional services.

Curricular internship

The degree course provides 8 ECTS credits (200 hours) of internship activities spread over the two years of the course (1st year/4 ECTS credits; 2nd year/4 ECTS credits).

This activity is normally carried out at the end of each semester at the University or at affiliated and active (Italian or foreign) companies.

Internship coordinators:

Internship 1st year: Prof. Maria Cristina Ossiprandi
Internship 2nd year: Prof. Alberto Sabbioni

Procedure for the activation of internships

For the activation of the internship, it is necessary to access the online platform set up by the University of Parma and carefully follow the instructions provided (tutorials are available, intended both for students and for those in charge of the host structure).

The procedure involves several steps.

  • Accreditation of the external structure by telematic means;
  • Signing of the agreement (on paper) and forwarding to the Internships Office;
  • Indication by the external structure of a Company Tutor;
  • Insertion of a training project by the external structure;
  • Acceptance of the training project and indication by the student of an academic tutor, chosen from among the professors/instructors of the degree course;
  • Acceptance/modification of the training project by the Academic Tutor;
  • End of the internship;
  • Completion of the evaluation questionnaire;
  • Recognition of the ECTS credits, at the end of the internship, by the Academic Tutor;
  • Registration of the ECTS credits in the student's career.

The student, during the internship experience, will have to fill in an Attendance sheet, on which he/she will take care to note down the hours of activity performed on a daily basis.

The attendancesheet must be signed by the company tutor to certify attendance and the activity carried out and countersigned by the academic tutor; the attendance sheet must be handed in to the Student Registry Office at the end of each internship period.

Attendance sheet

Final evaluation questionnaire

The student's completion of the final internship evaluation questionnaire is a prerequisite for authorisation of the recognition of internship ECTS credits on the student's transcript. This is permitted from the day after the end of the internship. Once completed, the questionnaire will always be visible to the host institution and the academic tutor but cannot be recompiled.