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The Second-Cycle Degree Course in Innovative and Sustainable Livestock Production (degree class LM-86) addresses the need to create professional figures with advanced technical-scientific skills in the agro-zootechnical sector. In particular, the training course focuses on improving the  (environmental, economic and social) sustainability of production chains - with particular reference to dairy and meat production - and the protection of biodiversity and the welfare of farm animals. The course lasts two years and there is no access limit. Access is direct in the case of possession of an L-26 or L-38 degree or, in the case of possession of a degree in other classes, subject to possession of 40 ECTS credits in one or more of the following academic disciplines (AGR/01 - AGR/17 - AGR/18 - AGR/19 - VET/01 - VET/02 - VET/04 - VET/05 - VET/07 - VET/08 - VET/10).

Second cycle degree course
Open access with verification of requirements
course in Italian
class LM-86
120 credits


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Giulia Branca

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Prof. Massimo Malacarne

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Prof. Mariacristina Ossiprandi

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Prof. Giorgio Morini

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Prof. Federico Righi

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Prof. Giorgio Morini


Prof. Alberto Sabbioni