Course presentation

Class of membership: LM-86 of the Second-Cycle Degree Courses in Livestock Management

Course type: Second-Cycle Degree 

Course Department: Veterinary Science

Duration in years: 2

ECTS credits: 120

Teaching hub: Strada del Taglio 10 – 43126 Parma

Language: Italian

Access type: Free access

Course brochure: Brochure

The degree course in brief

Globally, it is estimated that there will be an increase in demand for food of animal origin in the upcoming years. At the same time, consumers will increase their demand for quality food, produced in a sustainable way and respecting animal welfare. To meet these demands, the agri-food sector will undergo profound changes in the techniques and technologies of food production of animal origin that will involve the entire production chain: primary production, processing industry, certification, large and small-scale distribution. It is therefore necessary to create professional figures with advanced technical-scientific skills in the agro-livestock sector. Moreover, the Course is located in a geographical area rich in livestock farming and processing enterprises, characterised by the production of foodstuffs of animal origin of excellence in the beef dairy and pork sectors. In the first year, course units relating to the primary phase of the food chain of animal origin (animal husbandry, food and nutrition, genetic improvement, infectious diseases, reproductive physiology, pharmacology) will be covered. In the second year, courses will focus on disciplines related to the processing, marketing and certification of animal products (food inspection and certification, food chemistry and microbiology, processing technology). The course unit programmes in both years will be focused on technical and scientific innovation to ensure the sustainability (environmental, economic and social) of supply chains, the protection of animal health and welfare, and the preservation of biodiversity.