Enrolment procedures and deadlines

The Second-Cycle Degree Course in Innovative and Sustainable Animal Production is open access.
Number of eligible non-EU students: 3.

Enrolment: from 12 a.m. on 17 July 2024 to 12 a.m. on 18 October 2024.

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The enrolment procedure is exclusively online and can be carried out from the home page of the University's website www.unipr.it under ""Enrolment Online"" (www.unipr.it/iscrizioni).

Students enrolled in a first-cycle degree course in the academic year 2023-2024 who intend to graduate within that academic year and continue their studies in a Second-Cycle Degree Course, must submit an online pre-enrolment application to 12,00 on 18 October 2024. Following this pre-enrolment, the graduating student is admitted to attend the Second-Cycle degree course as an auditor student. A pre-enrolled student may not acquire ECTS credits from the Second-Cycle degree course until he or she has obtained the degree. 
Upon graduation, the student may finalise enrolment in the Second-Cycle degree course by paying tuition fees. Payment and subsequent enrolment must be made, under penalty of forfeiture, by 31 March 2025.

For the years following the first year, enrolments can be made from 5 September to 18 November 2024.

For more information see the University's Study Prospectus.

Entry requirements

Admission to the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Innovative and Sustainable Animal Production requires a first-cycle university degree, first-cycle degree obtained at Italian universities, or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable. enrolment with educational debts is not permitted.

Access to the Second-Cycle degree course is direct if the student is in possession:

  • degrees in Classes L-38 Zoology (ex M.D. 270/04), L-26 Food Science and Technology (ex M.D. 270) or in Classes 40 Zootechnical Sciences and Technologies and Animal Production and 20 Agricultural, Agri-food and Forestry Sciences and Technologies (ex. M.D. 509/99);
  • at least 40 ECTS credits in one or more of the academic disciplines AGR/01 - AGR/17 - AGR/18 - AGR/19 - VET/01 - VET/02 - VET/04 - VET/05 - VET/07 - VET/08 - VET/10, in the case of possession of a university degree in another scientific field.

In the event that the student does not meet the above requirements at the time of enrolment, he/she may make a pre-enrolment, which allows him/her to attend lectures on the degree course as an auditor.

Verification of personal preparation

Verification of personal preparation is provided for all students and separate from the fulfilment of curricular requirements. It will be assessed by a special Teaching Commission, which will establish through an individual interview the knowledge and skills to be acquired for possible adaptation of the preparation.
In the verification of personal preparation, the possession of adequate language skills (English language) at a level of not less than B1 is required.