Career prospects

Second-Cycle degree graduates in Innovative and Sustainable Animal Production (PAIS) will be able to work with functions of high responsibility in one or more of the following areas: the management and coordination of intensive and extensive livestock farms, multifunctional businesses, associations or cooperatives operating in the social field; the management and coordination of genetic improvement and animal breeding centres; the management or coordination of feed industries and animal feed marketing businesses, of industries operating in the field of zootechnical construction and plant engineering in accordance with the directives on the disposal of zootechnical waste and the maintenance of animal welfare; the direction or coordination of livestock supply chain enterprises operating in the slaughter, processing of food of animal origin, including the marketing and final distribution stages, including large-scale distribution; the direction or coordination of public and private laboratories for the analysis of livestock feed and products of animal origin; the direction or coordination of planning activities for sector policies with territorial, national and international public bodies or with trade associations of the zootechnical chain and consumer associations; technical and specialist consultancy at agro-zootechnical companies, animal genetic improvement centres, feed companies, companies processing products of animal origin, companies operating in the animal production chain, control and certification bodies and HAACCP plans, also in collaboration with other professional figures operating in the sector through the exercise of the freelance profession of Agronomist Doctor; teaching of scientific disciplines in upper secondary schools; research activities at public and private bodies and at universities.