Calendar of graduation sessions and deadlines

Graduation Sessions

Here you will find all the information on how to apply for graduation, the calendar of sessions with deadlines and all the necessary forms.

All administrative paperwork is handled by the Student Registry Office.

Graduation dates 2025

  • Wednesday 19 March
  • Tuesday 16 April
  • Wednesday 9 July
  • Wednesday 3 September
  • Wednesday 10 December

Graduation dates 2024

  • Wednesday 21 March
  • Wednesday 17 April
  • Wednesday 10 July
  • Wednesday 4 September
  • Tuesday 10 December

Non-extendable deadlines

6 months before

  • The title of the dissertation (in Italian and English) must be submitted to the Student Registry Office at least 6 months before the planned date of graduation.

30 days earlier

20 days earlier

  • 20 days (deadline) before the official graduation date, graduating students must upload their final thesis/dissertation in their reserved area.
    Attention Failure to upload the final paper will result in automatic exclusion from the graduation session.
    Submit the thesis file (PDF/A) in DSpaceUnipr according to the instructions.

10 days earlier

  • 10 days (deadline) before the official graduation date, you must have obtained the prescribed ECTS credits.
  • Graduating students who are unable to graduate are required to notify the Student Registry Office within the aforementioned deadline (10 days).

Graduation Examination Dates 2023

  • 15 march
  • 20 april
  • 12 july
  • 13 september
  • 13 december