The degree course in Artistic and Performing Arts is located in a wing of the monumental complex of the Palazzo della Pilotta, with access from Piazzale della Pace at number 7/A, where the facilities and services of the Art, Music and Performing Arts Unit are located.
Classes are held in classrooms located within the complex and in the teaching spaces of the D'Azeglio Complex (Via Massimo D'Azeglio, 85).
The entrance to the Library of Arts and Performing Arts is located under the arcades at 8 Via Bodoni.
HOW TO GET THERE The Palazzo della Pilotta is located between Piazzale della Pace and the Lungoparma, in the heart of Parma's historic centre.
The nearest bus stops are 'Pilotta' (on the Lungoparma promenade near Ponte Verdi) and 'via Garibaldi' (on the street of the same name near Piazzale della Pace), both of which are served by  numerous lines. The station is less than ten minutes away on foot along Via Verdi.