Corso di Artistic, library's and performing arts heritage - Università degli Studi di Parma

A course with a long and established tradition at national and international level, the result of a dense network of relationships woven over time with the city's cultural institutions. Precisely in a city often at the top of national rankings for the quality of living, thanks to its proximity to the Pilotta cultural and museum centre, we manage to combine theory and experimentation with materials in the fields of modern and contemporary art, cinema, music and theatre.

Degree course
Free access
course in Italian
class L-1
180 credits


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No notices at the moment
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Toll-free number

800 904 084

Student registry office

+39 0521 033707

Course Didactics Quality Manager (MQD)

Manager della didattica:
sign.ra Anna Maria Teresa Deiana 

 +39 0521 033501

President of the degree course

prof. Paolo Russo



Faculty advisor

prof. Giorgio Milanesi

Career guidance delegate

prof. Carlo Alberto Gemignani

Tutor Professors

prof. Giorgio Milanesi

Erasmus delegates

prof.ssa Francesca Bortoletti 
prof.ssa Roberta Pierangela Gandolfi

Quality assurance manager

prof.ssa Federica Veratelli



prof.ssa Roberta Pierangela Gandolfi (area spettacolo)
prof. Alberto Salarelli (area biblioteche)
prof.ssa Federica Veratelli (area musei e archivi)


Studenti tutor

The tutors are available in guiding and assisting students: please read this webpage.