Enrolment procedures and deadlines

Enrolment opens on 7 July 2022

The enrolment procedure is entirely online and must be preceded by registration with the university information system (ESSE3).

You can register at any time, as of now, by following the instructions in the 'REGISTER' box at the REGISTER link.
At the same link, in the box provided, you will find all the information you need to register from 7 July 2022. All information on deadlines can be found under the link DEADLINE.

To be admitted to the degree course in Artistic, Library's and Performing Arts Heritage, it is necessary to hold a secondary school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad, recognised as suitable in accordance with the laws in force.
The procedures for access to the three-year degree course, whether free or scheduled, are defined year by year by the Department Council on the proposal of the Course Council and published in the University of Parma Prospectus.
In the case of free access to the course of study, a non-selective assessment test aimed at verifying the skills required to undertake the chosen course of study is scheduled at the beginning of the course. This check does not preclude either access to the courses or attendance of the courses planned for the first year, but is aimed at identifying and filling any gaps.
The test, which consists of a written analysis of a critical essay, will take place at the registration deadline. The dates will be announced in the NOTICE section of the Degree Course in Artistic, Library's and Performing Arts Heritage website.