Advising and guidance

Depending on the point in time during the university course when orientation activities are implemented, a distinction is made between: guidance: carried out before the choice of the course of study, it is aimed at prospective freshmen and offers support in identifying the course to be undertaken on the basis of individual interests, expectations and aptitudes. In this phase, the various possible scenarios are presented to the future freshman and the alternatives of the university course are illustrated; orientation in itinere: carried out during the university career, it is aimed at male and female students and is designed to guide them within the course already undertaken, enabling them to establish a better interaction with the university structures and context.
Delegate for guidance on entrance and in itinere The Course delegate for guidance on entrance and in itinere, who can be contacted for information, is Prof. Giorgio Milanesi All activities relating to guidance are publicised throughout the year in the notices section of the website.
Further information is available on the Department website: Orientation