Average calculation


The average that is sent to the Commission on the day of graduation, for all courses in the new system (i.e. Bachelor's degree + Master's degree) is the weighted average of the marks achieved. The procedure for calculating your weighted average consists of:
- multiplying the grade for each exam by the number of credits for that exam;
- adding the results of the multiplications;
- dividing by the number of ECTS credits.

Calculate the cfu obtained from the examinations that entitle you to a final mark, then multiply all the marks from the examinations by the corresponding cfu and divide by the total number of ECTS credits from the examinations with a final mark. The result will be the weighted average in base 30. The Esse3 system updates the grade average from time to time (which the student can view in his or her personal area), but the average will only be corrected after all examinations have been passed.
exam 1, grade 28, cfu 12 = 28*12 = 336
exam 2, grade 24, cfu 6 = 24*6 = 144
exam 3, grade 30 cum laude, cfu 9 = 30*9 = 270
weighted average of these grades = 336+114+270 / 12+6+9 = 750/27 = 27.777