cod. 1008521

Academic year 2019/20
1° year of course - First semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
CARINI Eleonora
integrated course unit
12 credits
course unit

Course unit structured in the following modules:

Learning objectives

The objectives of the course are the following:
1. to show that thermodynamics is the foundation for understanding the main machinery related to food stability;
2. to give an outline of colloidal chemistry and relate its principles to structural and functional properties of food;
3. to develop the ability to characterize food materials with a multi-dimensional and multi-analytical approach;
4. to develop the ability to understand the effect of formulation and process on the physico-chemical and functional properties of food materials.


Course unit content

The class comprehends two modules dealing with, respectively, the basic principles of physical-chemistry (Module 1, 1001782), and their application in food products (Module 2, 1001783).

Full programme


Pieter Walstra, Physical Chemistry of Foods, Marcel Dekker, Inc, New

Food texture and viscosity, concept and measurement, 2nd edition, Bourne, Academic Press, Food Science and Technology, International Series

Image analysis of food microstructure, Russ, CRC Press, 2005

Food Materials Science: Principles and Practice (Food Engineering Series), Aguilera, Lillford, 2008, Springer

Phase Transitions In Foods, Roos, 1995, Academic Press

Physical properties of foods: novel measurement techniques and applications Arana, 2012, CRC Press

Teaching methods

Lectures (with ppt presentations and computer presentations, available to the students)
Scientific articles: individual reading and class discussion.

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam that will verify the acquired knowledge on the class subject and the ability to apply such knowledge to the solution of case studies.

Other information