Postgraduate training

The University of Parma activates, as a Promoting Body, extracurricular internships in favor of its former students who have obtained a university degree no more than 12 months ago (bachelor, doctorate or master)

Trainees are not expected to acquire CFUs unlike curricular internships.

The maximum duration of an internship is usually 6 months.

The regulatory competence for extracurricular internships is regional, so it is necessary to comply, with specific exceptions, with the provisions in force in the region where the operational headquarters of the internship is located.

In order to initiate the internship, it is necessary to enter into an agreement between the Host Institution (public or private entity) and the University (Promoting Institution).

Attached to the stipulation of the agreement is the drafting of an individual training project (PFI) representative of certain professional skills that the trainee will develop during the training course.

The extracurricular internships provide the trainee with a mandatory participation allowance paid by the Host Organization.

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