General information

The Secod-cycle degree in Food Science and Technology is obtained by passing the final examination, which consists of the discussion of a thesis with a high content, usually experimental, on an original research topic developed during the training period.
Internship and final examination are therefore interconnected so that the student can acquire further operational skills by developing original research, but also the ability to organise the results obtained in a written report (dissertation) and to present and critically discuss them in the final examination. The internship activity is therefore an integral part of the final examination in a synergetic and joint educational pathway.
The conduct and discussion of the Second-cycle degree thesis is the subject of the 'Rules for the conduct and discussion of the Second-cycle degree thesis in Food Science and Technology', which we enclose herewith.
For the procedures and deadlines for submitting the thesis and abstract, please follow the instructions given in the notice published for each graduation session outlining the requirements and deadlines.
NB: The thesis and abstract must be deposited in Esse3, so there is no need to send anything by e-mail to the Academic office or the student registry office.
Thesis regulations and annexes - for students enrolled in the academic year 2021-2022 and subsequent

Thesis Regulations and Annexes - for students enrolled in the academic year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021

Thesis regulations and annexes - for students enrolled in the academic year 2018-2019 and previous years


Course appreciation questionnaire

Graduating students are invited to fill in the course appreciation questionnaire prepared by the Professor/Instructor and student component of the Joint Committee of the Department of Food and Drug.

The questionnaire must be completed in the vicinity of the chosen graduation session.

Registration and Almalaurea questionnaire

As of the December 2020 degrees, registration on AlmaLaurea and completion of the related questionnaire are mandatory for all students enrolled in study courses, in order to submit the degree application online via the ESSE3 system.
If the student has not done the above, he/she will see a blocking screen when submitting the application for the degree, showing that the Almalaurea questionnaire has not been completed.
Below is the link to the instructions for registering and filling in the Almalaurea questionnaire.
Instructions for registration and filling in the Almalaurea questionnaire


Filing of master's thesis on DSpace platform (optional)

In addition to the mandatory deposit of the thesis on ESSE3, as of the July 2023 graduation session, in agreement with the supervising professor, it is optional for master's STA undergraduates to deposit the thesis in the Dspace Unipr Institutional Repository for open access online consultation. Information on this opportunity and the procedure to follow can be found at this page.

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