cod. 1008021

Academic year 2020/21
2° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Antropologia (BIO/08)
Istituzioni di filosofia
Type of training activity
30 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

The course aims at giving the theoretical basis and the management guidelines for museum professionals, and especially for curators of scientific and natural history museum.



Course unit content

Museums and their functions. Differences between museum of art and science museum. Phenomenology of science museum: a) different criteria of planning and designing exhibits; b) the languages of science museums; c) the evolution of communication in relation to the kind of public. History of collections and of museums. Identity and cultural project of a museum. Codes and laws concerning museums. Museum deontology. The professions of museum. The work of curators in natural history museums. Objects as tools for communication. Planning and designing of permanent galleries and exhibits. Planning and designing of temporary exhibitions. Museum didactics and education within museum. Tendencies in contemporary scientific museography. Interactive and laboratory museums. Museums ‘of objects’ and open air museums. The ‘transparent’ model of a science museum. Beyond the traditional format: the supply of permanent services and the web model of connections. The need of visibility and of social acceptance.

Full programme

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Lecture notes, powerpoint presentations.
Articles from on-line Journals of ANMS “Museologia Scientifica” and e “Museologia Scientifica -Memorie”.
Documents and papers from the website of ICOM Italia.

In-depth references
Pinna G. - 1997 - Fondamenti per un Museo di Storia Naturale. Jaca Book, Milano.
Basso Peressut L. (a cura di) - 1997 - Stanze della meraviglia. I musei della natura tra storia e progetto. CLUEB, Bologna.
Tomea Gavazzoli, M.L. - 2011 - Manuale di museologia. Rizzoli ETAS, Milano.
Davis, P. - 2001 - Musei e ambiente naturale. Il ruolo dei musei di storia naturale nella conservazione della biodiversità. CLUEB, Bologna.
Nardi E. (a cura di) - 2001 - Leggere il museo. Proposte didattiche. SEAM, Formello (Roma).

Teaching methods

Lessons, theoretical-practical exercises, other activities (visits of museums and/or exhibitions).

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination.
The exam will ascertain the student knowledge through 3 questions. The student should prove to know deeply the theoretical contents of the course, spanning all the main themes dealt with during the lectures.

Other information

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