Rules of conduct in graduation sessions


Career advising/guidance is a service that aims to guide graduating student and graduate students towards the world of work, through various activities and initiatives.
The advising/guidance service is mainly carried out by degree course staff and the Advising/guidance and Job Placement Unit.

Specifically: the degree course, through the department's delegate, organises and publicises meetings with representatives of the world of work (e.g. professionals, public officials, entrepreneurs, etc.) in order to illustrate to students the characteristics of individual activities and the challenges that graduates will have to face at the end of their university education.

The Advising/guidance and Job Placement Unit organises a series of advising/guidance interventions to accompany those who are about to finish or have already finished a university course towards the world of work, favouring the improvement of soft skills and knowledge of professional profiles and related opportunities.
The main services offered to graduating students and graduates are: advising/guidance traineeships (or internships), reserved for university graduates within twelve months of obtaining their degree.

In addition, ER.GO. also provides various support services for recent graduates on its 'Job advising/guidance' page.