Graduation grade

The final grade is expressed in a grade out of 110. The examination is deemed passed if the mark is 66 or higher out of 110. The possible award of honours, if the candidate has achieved the highest mark, requires the unanimity of the panel.
Recognition is envisaged:
a) of 1 additional point for students who have acquired at least 12 ECTS credits through stays abroad with the international exchange programmes offered by the University of Parma (internship or study);
b) of 1 additional point for students who have participated, as representatives of the students of the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Enterprises, in at least 70% of the meetings of the following University Bodies and Organs:

  • Academic Senate
  • Board of Directors
  • Evaluation Committee
  • Student Council
  • Quality Assurance Office
  • Single Guarantee Committee
  • University Sports Committee
  • Department Council
  • Joint Committee of Teachers and Students
  • Departmental Quality Assurance Office
  • Course Council
  • Review Group

Attendance at these sessions must be self-certified by the students and verified by the Degree Council President and the Course Education Manager.