Course presentation

The Interuniversity Second-cycle Degree Course in Philosophy unites the Universities of Parma, Modena-Reggio Emilia and Ferrara, and has its administrative office at the University of Parma. Combining the strengths of the three universities has expanded and enhanced the range of courses on offer, enabling students to better articulate their interests.

What is studied

The general objective of the course is to pursue an in-depth knowledge of the philosophical tradition in its methodological specificities, developed in the various historical-philosophical, theoretical, analytical, ethical-political and aesthetic directions. The specialised courses will pay particular attention to the development of linguistic and philological skills necessary for the reading of original texts; analytical and logical-argumentative skills relating to the various forms of knowledge; skills of historical-critical analysis of the fundamental concepts of ethical, legal-political, sociological and aesthetic reflection; theoretical and methodological skills concerning the relations between philosophy, the humanities, natural, physical and mathematical sciences.

How to study

The student has a wide choice of course units offered at each of the three universities. It is possible to complete the entire course of study at a single university, or to follow a mixed path, as well as to choose course units that are taught jointly by professors/instructors from different universities. 

After graduation

Second-cycle graduates find employment in all areas that require analytical and communication skills, combined with a critical sense and autonomy of judgement: publishing, offices responsible for the promotion of cultural activities and public relations, personnel management, consulting offices, the design and management of vocational training courses in public institutions or private companies, human resources management.

Second-cycle degree graduates in Philosophy can find employment (after obtaining the qualification) in secondary teaching in Class A-19 Philosophy and History and Class A-18 Philosophy and Humanities.

Second-cycle degree graduates in Philosophy can continue their specialised training by gaining access, after a competitive call, to PhDs, Professional Master Programmes - second level - and Specialisation Schools.