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Access requirements

Admission to the Interuniversity Course of Studies in Philosophy requires a specific degree, curricular requirements and adequate personal preparation.

Qualification first-cycle degree; four-year degree awarded in accordance with the regulations in force prior to Ministerial Decree 509/1999 and subsequent amendments and additions; degree obtained abroad and recognised as suitable by the competent bodies of the University; other degrees recognised as equivalent by the competent bodies of the University.

Curricular requirements Possession of a degree in class L-5 (Philosophy); in the case of another degree, the incoming student must have acquired at least 60 ECTS credits in the academic disciplines indicated with M-FIL, L-FIL/LETT, M-PED, M-PSI, M-STO, SPS, L-ANT/02, L-ANT/03. Of these, at least 24 must have been obtained in the academic disciplines M-FIL/01 to M-FIL/08, M-STO/05, IUS/20.

Assessment of the adequacy of personal preparation The assessment of the student's personal preparation on entry is carried out by means of an interview in accordance with the procedures described in the study programme's teaching regulations.

Admission procedures

The Joint Course Committee considers requests for access from students whose university curricula deviate from the requirements and establishes alternative arrangements for pre-enrolment by making up the educational obligation.