cod. 1000653

Academic year 2017/18
1° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Glottologia e linguistica (L-LIN/01)
Discipline linguistiche, filologiche e metodologiche
Type of training activity
30 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

deaper knoledge in the discipline, in the context of the descriptors of Dublin still focused for the LT course.


a basic linguistic formation as LT

Course unit content

every year different

Full programme

The theme of the course will be 'translation', discussed from different points of view, also with the help of external specialists. Integral part of the course, as a seminar, will be the the conference day of December 1 dedicated to "Tolkien as a linguist and creator of languages"; other activities will presented during the lessons.


De Saussure F., "Cours de Linguistique générale" [CLG], Payot 1916 - diacronic part from §193, p. 171 dell'edizione della Laterza a cura di T. De Mauro).
D. Astori, ed., La metafora e la sua traduzione fra riflessioni teoriche e casi applicativi". Bottega del Libro editore, Parma 2017 and Astori, D., ed. "Genesi 1,1. Alcuni percorsi traduttivi". Bottega del Libro editore, Parma 2017 (The ratio of the use of the two indicated texts and the respective sections to be studied will be inlustrated during the lessons).
More bibliography will be given during the lessons.

Teaching methods

mostly frontal lessons

Assessment methods and criteria

This test is performed with single exam at the end of the course. They are established in both the foreground as to discipline both capacita'discorsive and argumentative student.
For the assessment questions on the different parts of the program are intended to verify:
- The proper critical understanding of the features and the main hubs of discipline and distance covered;
- The ability to collect data and interpret them critically, and formulate judgments and self-motivated on them and on the socio-cultural context in which they occur;
- The ability to develop clear cross paths.

Evaluation criteria:
- Clear description, of language, ability to rework content, ability to interdisciplinary links, use of specialized vocabulary, relevant answers than questions.

Sufficiency will be reached in the event of a correct answer to 60% of the questions in respect of the above criteria.

About the distribution of the overall score of the vote, up to 8 points are related to the knowledge of the text of Saussure, up to 8 to the indicated volume, up to 8 to the programme discussed in class; you will earn up to 3 points with an (optional) paper agreed with the teacher during the course, and up to 3 will be gained through the interaction within the classroom activities.

Other information

who never gave al LT examinsation, please contact the teacher before the beginning of the semester