Course presentation

The Master’s Degree Course in Classical and Modern Literature (LM-14&15 - interclass) is the natural continuation of studies after the three-year degree course in Humanities.

The programme of study for the first year includes

  • course units common to the two degree classes, some of which take up, at an advanced level, scientific-disciplinary areas already present in the three-year Humanities course, while others open up entirely new paths (48 ECTS);
  • language proficiency (3 ECTS - English language - level B2);
  • examination of the student's choice (6 ECTS).

In the second year there is a differentiation between the training courses of the two classes (LM-14 and LM-15) which provides for 

  • the acquisition of specific skills and special theoretical and methodological tools (36 ECTS);
  • examination of the student's choice (6 ECTS);
  • internship (6 ECTS);
  • final examination (15 ECTS).

The Master’s Degree Course in Classical and Modern Literature provides for course units organised according to teaching methods that allow for greater student involvement through research work coordinated and supervised by the instructor.
In this way, it is intended to foster in graduates the knowledge of sources and critical-interpretative tools, as well as to ensure the verification of learning outcomes throughout the course, fostering a methodological approach that leads to the preparation of the final examination.

LM-14 (Modern)

By exercising the appropriate options, students are offered

  • a high level of knowledge and skills in the fields of
    • history and didactics of the Italian language (L-FIL-LET/12, L-LIN/02);
    • Italian and Romance philology and Provençal literature (L-FIL-LET/09-13);
    • Italian literary criticism and theory of literature (L-FIL-LET/10-14);
    • applied digital tools (L-FIL-LET/13);
  • in-depth study of historical disciplines (M-STO/01-02-04 and L-ANT/02);
  • completion of the student's training in musicological disciplines (L-ART/07);
  • the LM-14 class also makes use of an extension of the teaching offer in the ECTS credits of choice thanks to the teaching of L-FIL-LET/12 Didactics of Italian as a second language.

LM-15 (Classics)

Classics class (LM-15) aim is to ensure that students

  • a firm grasp of Greek and Latin languages and literatures (L-FIL-LET/02-04), with the offer of various course units relating to 
    • philology;
    • didactics;
    • grammar;
    • language history;
    • computer tools applied to Greek and Latin languages and literature;
  • the completion of training in the field of ancient history, thanks to the teaching of Greek History LM (L-ANT/02);
  • on the basis of the options exercised in the programme of study for a further 12 ECTS credits, in-depth study of the urban culture and landscape physiognomy of the ancient world (Archaeology of the City and Archaeology of the Landscape, L-ANT/07-09), of the methodology and technique of archaeological fieldwork (L-ANT/10), as well as techniques for analysing documentary texts (Papyrology [L- ANT/05]);
  • the Classics course is further enriched by the possibility of opting for other course units in the archaeological field (Scientific Methodologies for Archaeological Heritage [FIS/03]).